October 16, 2010

Why I hunt…

the reasons are varied and change daily but one of the main reasons I hunt is for the camaraderie.  I love people.  I love meeting new people and love making new friends.  Hunting has provided ample opportunities for both!

I once thought of hunting as a solitary endeavor.  While I am often alone in my stand for the actual act of hunting the experience itself is anything but solitary.

There has yet to be a time when I feel alone in my endeavor.  Whether it’s my husband, my dad or my father in law, my daughter or my friends someone will be waiting for me to give a report. Fellow lease members instant message me on Facebook for reports.  The guys at the local sporting goods store always ask how the season is going.  Technology has provided me with the means to stay in contact with friends while hunting.  Text messages fly through the airways on each hunt I go on. 

I can feel each person’s encouragement every time I climb into a tree.  I know that despite the fact that I am in a one man stand, I am not alone.  

I spent a weekend a few weeks ago meeting new friends on a women’s hunt I participated in.  I’ll get the pleasure of revisiting some old friendships and making new ones on our Albama trip in a few weekends.

We’ll sit beside the fire, tell our tales.  Congratulate one another in the glow of our successes and sympathize and encourage one another in the face of failures. 

Friendship and fun.  One of the reasons I hunt.

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October 13, 2010

Killer Girls…


I had the singular pleasure of going on a women’s bow hunt with some great friends.  I realize it probably isn’t politic to say it, but I thoroughly enjoy a hunt with “just us girls”.  That’s why you’ll probably never hear me begrudge the fellas the pleasure of a “just us guys” hunt.   I love hunting with everyone, male or female, but there truly is something empowering about being around women who hunt.  Some of it I’m sure is the sheer novelty of it.  The fact is there are just less of us than the fellas! 

We were invited to bow hunt at Joe and Tina’s.  Joe had made arrangements with some of his friends to provide some extra hunting opportunities to accomodate all the ladies. 

We invaded arrived late Thursday night.  We would spend the next three days in the forest in the trees.

We were a motley crew with a wide range of skills.  Tina and Billie have been hunting for years; Bridgette and Debbi have hunted for a few years but are totally new to bow hunting; Cassandra and Amanda are totally new to hunting, this is their first season; and I’m in my second year.  I felt a tinge of sympathy for the fellows that were going to have to try to get us situated each morning!

The weekend was amazing.  Each and everyone of us came away from the weekend with new skills and new knowledge.  Bridgette, Cassandra and Amanda experienced lock-on stands for the first time and did beautifully!  (We got to experience the WONDER of a Millineum Stand- my couch isn’t as comfortable!) I’m slowly learning how to sit still and WAIT FOR THE DEER BEHIND ME TO GET IN FRONT OF ME! 

I had successful hunt, didn’t bring home horns but an ice chest full of doe isn’t something to scoff at.  (Can’t eat horns anyway!)


Brigette and Amanda both got their first kill with a bow!


Amanda scored a  beautiful 8 point, a nice first deer by anyone’s measure.


October 1, 2010

Blinded by the Light OR Why Stand Placement is Important…



011Um.  Yeah.  Apparently my stand is not a morning stand.  It’ll be fantastic for evening hunting. 

I had been told that day one is actually more of  practice run.

Pshaw” says I

“My stand is perfection.”

“I am a Woodland Ninja” (note the caps please!)

“I  shall fill my lease tags before primative weapon season even starts.”


I got turned around going to the stand.  I lost my quiver when I got tangled up in a thicket.  I am STILL afraid of the dark.  I make a hella lot of noise when I’m tangled up in briars. 

Oh…and some stands are more appropriate for late day hunts.  This stand is one of them.

I’m going to go soak my eyes in cold compresses now.