November 11, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside…


I got to head to Alabama with the NHB’s again!  And this time, I was going with a kill under my belt.  No more newbie status for me! Nu-uh. No sir!  I’m a proven killer.  I’ve got meat in the freezer and freezer don’t lie!

That was my plan. Mother Nature had another.

There had been a terrific drought this year and I think everyone’s green fields have suffered.  Our plots on the lease here  have some fairly sad bare spots.  The Shed wasn’t unscathed.  They’d gotten enough rain that the fields had grass but nowhere near the lush fields we got last season.  Still, we were put onto some beautiful areas.  I hunted green fields and hardwoods.  All of them great areas.

The other issue was the weather.  FREEZING! Our first morning on the stands it was a balmy 29 degrees. HOLY POPCICLES BATMAN!  With a nice brisk wind.  Not so great for bow hunting.

That being said, we still had a terrific time.

This go round the crew included myself, Billie Ann, Tes, Kathy, Linda and new addition Tammy.

I was once again afforded the luxury of being in the presence of seasoned, true huntresses.  These ladies combined hunting experience is an invaluable resource to me.  I enjoy sitting with them and soaking up the knowledge (this time SO much more made sense).  I love to hear them share their stories of successful and unsuccessful hunts.  We always end up laughing.  I always come home sore from the hunt with them.  Some soreness due to the hunting, a lot of it due to laughing!

As per tradition a run down of LESSONS LEARNED.

Day 1: Morning hunt…BRING YOUR TREE STRAP.  

Paul Meeks of API was generous enough to send safety vests with Kathy for all of the ladies hunting.  I wore mine.  However, I forgot the tree strap.  So much for tree stand safety.  My dad would kill me.

Day 1: evening hunt…TAKE YOUR ZYRTEC!!!!

I’ve GOT to take allergy medicine since I’m ALLERGIC TO EVERY FLIPPING TREE IN THE WOODS!!!!  This is going possibly be too much information, but I am sometimes amazed by the amount of mucous I can create without any obvious signs of dehydration.  It’s bad.  Just bad.

Day 2: Morning/afternoon hunt…BRING BETTER LUNCH!

We went out a little later this day because the temps were in the mid 20’s.  The thought was we’d stay in the stands from 8:30ish to 2:00ish.  I brought a piece of beef jerky and 5 Hershey’s Special Dark bite size pieces.  That’s it.  Because I’m sort of stupid.  I don’t usually eat in the stand so I wasn’t thinking about how long we were actually staying out.  Next time I’ll do better! I was STARVING!

Day 2: Evening hunt…the sun is evil and capable of melting the human face.  This is what I was looking at for quite awhile.  I was grateful for layers.186 

Sadly, Billie and I left Saturday night to head back home.  We had family obligations that prevented us staying the entire hunt.  It was a quick but wonderful time.  Getting to see the NHB’s and the fellows at The Shed is always worth any trip!