October 16, 2010

Why I hunt…

the reasons are varied and change daily but one of the main reasons I hunt is for the camaraderie.  I love people.  I love meeting new people and love making new friends.  Hunting has provided ample opportunities for both!

I once thought of hunting as a solitary endeavor.  While I am often alone in my stand for the actual act of hunting the experience itself is anything but solitary.

There has yet to be a time when I feel alone in my endeavor.  Whether it’s my husband, my dad or my father in law, my daughter or my friends someone will be waiting for me to give a report. Fellow lease members instant message me on Facebook for reports.  The guys at the local sporting goods store always ask how the season is going.  Technology has provided me with the means to stay in contact with friends while hunting.  Text messages fly through the airways on each hunt I go on. 

I can feel each person’s encouragement every time I climb into a tree.  I know that despite the fact that I am in a one man stand, I am not alone.  

I spent a weekend a few weeks ago meeting new friends on a women’s hunt I participated in.  I’ll get the pleasure of revisiting some old friendships and making new ones on our Albama trip in a few weekends.

We’ll sit beside the fire, tell our tales.  Congratulate one another in the glow of our successes and sympathize and encourage one another in the face of failures. 

Friendship and fun.  One of the reasons I hunt.

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