June 18, 2011

Lessons to be learned

Last deer season was an interesting one in so many ways. Looking back I'm amazed, disappointed, overwhelmed. I think it must be like that for most new hunters. I made some huge strides and experienced some incredible failures. Does it ever get easier? I'm thinking it probably doesn't. My husband is fond of reminding me that "It's called hunting. If it was easy it would be called killing".

He's right of course, but it's not just the blown shots or the hours spent without seeing anything except birds that I'm referring to when I say it's hard.

I've pushed myself physically more in the last two years than I ever have. This season, I climbed higher than I ever have. I've slowly overcome my almost paralysing fear of heights. I've trekked through more forest than I thought possible while tracking animals.

I've pushed myself emotionally more in that last two years than I ever have. I've learned lessons and had spectacular failures. I can't wait for season this year.