August 15, 2010

More pics!!!!

I put my Primos camera out two weeks ago.  It was killing me to leave it out without changing the SD card.  Turns out my mother was right.  Patience pays off!  I had 48 pics.  Of those 39 were of deer.  All does, but I am beyond excited!

PRMS0002 PRMS0004 PRMS0021I love this picture…she’s stomping! Fantastic! 


A little piece of heaven…

My friend Billie owns Lost Acres Ranch, a trophy hog hunting operation.  Her house sits in the middle of it. 

My home is my haven, but I’m very blessed that I have other places where I can run to when I need a peaceful place to run to.

Billie’s is one of my refuges.  The instant my tires leave blacktop and hit gravel I feel myself change.  My joints loosen.  My head clears.  It’s a good place to be.  It’s a good place to go to.  Billie’s back porch is a confessional, a sanctuary and occasionally  a comedy club.  I like going out there in case you didn’t know.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way about her little piece of heaven.

I ran out last night to visit.  As I was leaving this is the view I was met with:


Like I said…a little piece of heaven.