July 12, 2010

I, apparently AM certifiable….

I was lucky to be able to attend the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Bow Hunter Education Instructor Certification course Friday night and Saturday.  

I am always impressed by the LDWF programs.  I’ve never been disappointed by any of the education opportunities they provide.  The men and women in their education department do a fantastic job every time!  This weekend was no exception.

A few weeks earlier I had called Daniel , the coordinator  to see if I could finagle my way into the class.  I didn’t tell him I’d only been shooting a bow for 10 months until AFTER he said I could attend.  He laughed and said it was ok that I was a rookie.  Whew!

And so it was that I found myself at the Woodworth education center sitting with 4 of my bow hunting friends amongst 11 other people learning how to teach other people about BOW hunting.

I had visions of a room full of super hunters and super shooters.  What I found was a room of people genuinely interested in sharing their love for the outdoors and archery specifically with as many other people as possible.   I have found  when I have meet other people who are already seasoned archers and hunters is that they almost always want to expose others to this wonderful sport.

We spent Friday night after class visiting….

BOWEdCert 002

and of course shooting!

BOWEdCert 003  BOWEdCert 008

It was a busy weekend.  Saturday was spent going over the curriculum.  I still haven’t processed everything we learned, I’m planning on spending some time this weekend going back over the books.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend.

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