November 21, 2011

It's not just about hunting...

I am thankful for the amazing people that God keeps putting into my life. I have always felt that people are put in our lives for a purpose. The last few weeks have further solidified that belief. I am blessed to have some the greatest friends in the world. They span the gamut in personalities, gender, age, political leanings and religious views. They are indeed a motley crew. Each one of them makes me a better person for knowing them. I can only hope that I bring them some small blessing as well. I do know that I can never repay the gifts they've given me. I spent this weekend 20ft up a tree and felt closer to God than I have ever been on the ground. I was afforded this opportunity by the generosity and giving spirit of friends that He placed in my pathway. Surrounded by the majesty of this earth, surrounded by the sounds of the forest, I was transported. It's difficult to explain the peace that is available in the cold darkness waiting on the light of day. It's certainly a metaphor some of the darkness I've wandered through in my life. If we wait, patiently, the sun will rise and warm us. The sun will rise and show us what bounty there is. A life lesson in real time, what a gift to be given. God, the universe, fate...whatever you call the driving force in your life...has been good to me. I have been given more than I deserve, more than I need. And so, today and everyday, I'm thankful for the friends I love and need.


  1. Amen, sister! Like I have said many times, you are very thoughtful and an amazing friend! I'm still considered a newbie to this whole hunting experience and am very fortunate to have found you in my path along the way. We have shared many memorable moments...and then some! Lol! I hope that we have many more to come. Your blog spot is amazing...didn't know it existed!

  2. Amanda- thanks sooooo much! I'm very thankful that our paths crossed! You are one of the folks I was thinking about when I wrote this!
    I'm looking forward to the many memories we have ahead of us! Wonder how many states we can hit by the time we're old ladies? We should get us one of those RVs with a map of the US on it and color in each one we kill shit in!
    And thanks for compliment on the site...I'm FULL of secrets! ;-)