September 4, 2010

Is there room for me???

To join a lease or to not join a lease was a big question for me.   It required a commitment, monetarily and time wise.  I wasn’t sure I was up for it.

In the end, I decided that the lure of  tried hunting ground was just too much to pass on.  I’ve heard too many people bemoan the lack of good harvesting opportunities and then become discouraged with hunting after they’ve spent season after season with an empty freezer.  I’m in the shiny and new phase where everything is still wonderful.  I don’t want that feeling to ever end.   

I’m fortunate to be on a 1500 acre lease with 11 other folks (4 of whom are women).  It’s been interesting to see how the process works.  New members are allowed one permanent stand.  My membership is a limited one.  I’m strictly bow hunting and am not allowed to bring guests.  I felt that as a newbie it was good form to wait to go last to pick my permanent spot.  It has been one of the most aggravating things I’ve ever had to do. 

My first pick was a beautiful oak flat.  White oaks and red oaks off of an old creek bed.  Beautiful.  It was too close to one of the other members’ box stand.  Damn it!  I’m probably going to end up putting a popup in there and then moving it right before rifle season since he doesn’t bow hunt.  I’m still disappointed.  

I began the search again.  Back to the satellite map I went.  There was a finger of hardwoods off of one of the logging roads that marble the lease.  The end of it  looked to be about 600 yards from the nearest stand.  I crossed my fingers and called Billie to see if she was game for some scouting.

I’m hoping that this will be my spot. 

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